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AS-6P30 260

by: Amerisolar

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7280 Module ( 1.892,8 kW )

728 Module ( 189,3 kW )


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Produktdetails: "AS-6P30 260"


Technische Daten


260,0 W


12 Jahre

30 Jahre auf 80.6% der Nennleistung

Allgemeine Daten

CE IEC 61215 - Design Qualification and Type Approval IEC 61730 - Safety Qualification JET UL 1703


1.640 mm

992 mm

40 mm





Amerisolar’s photovoltaic modules are designed for large electrical power requirements. With a 30 year warranty, AS-6P30 offers high-powered, reliable performance for solar projects, both on- and off-grid.

Solar Cell: High efficiency solar cells ensure high performance of solar module and create maximum power output.

Low iron tempered glass: Anti-reflecting coating and high transmission rate glass increase the power output and mechanical strength of solar module.

Aluminum frame: Without screw, corner connection. Eight mounting holes on the frame can make the module to be installed easily.

Superior Junction box: Multi function junction box designer replica handbags with water proof capabilities.

Long lifespan: ≥ 30 years.
Tolerance: 0 ~ +3 %.

Good performance of preventing from atrocious weather such as wind and hails.

Resisting moisture and etching effectively, not affected by geology.

The certificate issued by international authority: CE, TUV, IEC, UL, MCS, PV CYCLE, CEC Australia listed, Israel Certificate and Korea Certificate.


Amerisolar, Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing USA Co., Ltd, is a professional solar module manufacturer with a 21-year experience in production and quality control since 1993. Amerisolar is also a provider of technical services for solar power plant (on-grid and off-grid), including technical design, installation and maintenance, for customers all over the world.
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In August 2013, Amerisolar adjusted its strategy and started to cooperate with the top-level factory in Taiwan, South Korea and Portugal to produce Amerisolar modules. With the best and most advanced production equipment in different countries, Amerisolar shows a more and more competitive strength in US and EU markets with solar modules made in Taiwan, South Korea and Portugal. In 2014, we have a production capacity of 500MW in our own factory in China, and 160MW respectively in Taiwan and South Korea factories, totally 820MW..

Based on the technical cooperation with German and US Institutes, Amerisolar modules have been certified by UL, ETL, TUV, KTL, JET, JPEC, MCS, CEC, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSMS18001 and China “Golden Sun”. Amerisolar modules have been widely used in USA, Germany, UK, France, Australia, Japan, Italy, Netherlands, Canada, South Korea, Greece, Taiwan and many other countries and regions.

Amerisolar has an advanced Testing Lab by working together German and US experts and engineers. Amerisolar technical services include technical design, installations and plant maintenance. The projects designed by Amerisolar technical team in many countries are taking effect and protecting the global environment.


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