Solar panel from JA Solar  JAM60S20 380 MR MC4 BF SM 380W Mono

JAM60S20 380 MR MC4 BF SM

by JA Solar

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JAM60S20 380 MR MC4 BF SM
Nominal power: 380 W
Celltype: Mono
Number of cells: 120
Module efficiency: 20,42 %
Power Tolerance: 0 - 5 watt
System Voltage: 1500 V
Incl. optimizer: no
Length: 1.769 mm
Width: 1.052 mm
Frame thickness: 35 mm
Frame color: black/white
Weight: 21 kg
Snow load: 5.400 Pa
Wind load: 2.400 Pa
Pieces per pallet: 31
Manufacturer warranty
Product warranty: 12 years
Power warranty: 25 years on 83.7% of nominal power
IEC 61215 - Design Qualification and Type Approval
IEC 61730 - Safety Qualification

JA Solar

JA Solar is one of the traditional Chinese photovoltaic companies that has long since made the leap to the top of the world market. The company, founded in 2005 with its headquarters in Beijing and branches worldwide, has started as a cell producer in the industry, but is now one of the leading solar companies worldwide and is also listed on the Bloomberg list as a TIER-1 manufacturer. The company has consistently expanded its value chain vertically and now also manufactures photovoltaic modules with a capacity of several gigawatts. Yes, Solar is one of the most innovative companies in the industry, and underscores its own claim to technological leadership with new products and manufacturing technologies time and time again. JA Solar can always fall back on its expertise in the field of cell production. JA Solar subjects its modules to the usual certification and delivers the products only after they have passed internal quality controls. JA Solar sells the photovoltaic modules with a product guarantee of 12 years and a performance guarantee of 25 years. The modules are also delivered exclusively plussorted (0/+5W).
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Menge: 3800,00 - 326420,00 KW
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JAM60S20 385 MR


MC4_1200_JAM60S20_365-390_MR_Global_EN_20201130A_1769-1052-35__-_BF.pdf Data Sheet English
Limited_Warranty_for_JA_Solar_Brand_Crystalline_Solar_PV_Modules_April19.pdf Guarantee English
JA_single-glass_module_standard_installation_manual_A11_20200710.pdf Manual English
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