Premium Seller -

Reliability is worth it! Long-term customer retention is important to us. Therefore we have introduced “Premium Seller“ to identify reliable customers and their offers. The icon “Premium Seller“ provides a safety-shield to buyers with respect to processing an reliability. You will create additional sales-incentives for you r products with the “Premium Seller“icon.

As a buyer, you will only receive notifications from providers who feature the „Premium Seller“ upon your search request.

What is the indentifying factor of Premium-Seller?

  • A minimum of transactions without complaints within 6month.
  • Consistent positive buyer’s feedback.
  • Proven processing reliability.

What must be done to be listed as a “Premium Seller“ client?

Upon satisfying all prerequisites, your customer service will be listed as “Premium Seller“ automatically. Your products will be classified as premium-offers without further action o required on your part.