Our internal quality management

Satisfied customers are our number one priority. We know that our company can only survive and prosper with your support. Equally, we place greater emphasis on the quality of our offers than on quantity. 

Teasers without any real claim to ownership on the part of the client, goods with false location information or exaggerated delivery times are all things which we don't wish to see on the SOLARTRADERS network. For this reason, we make every effort to satisfy our customers and to maintain the high quality of the platform and of the offers placed on it. 

You can support us in our efforts: let us know of any problems you have early on and help us by filling out the feedback sheet after you complete a transaction.

To ensure the security of the platform, we take the following steps:

In order to register, customers must provide genuine information and proof of their company's existence. The company's sales tax number is automatically verified. Only after the account created has been reviewed and its plausibility checked by one of our employees will the customer account be approved. For your security, the IP log of all customers is saved and noted in the customer file. 

 If any of the offers placed appear dubious or improper, our staff are required to render the offer "inactive" and verify its content. Newly placed offers are looked through promptly on a daily basis. 

 After a sale is successfully brokered, the contracting parties are surveyed on their contractual partner by way of a short questionnaire. Here, the agreed service is reviewed within the context of an actual vs. target comparison. These evaluations are also saved in the customer file. If any issues arise, these will be followed up by our customer care employees. 

If problems persist or if it is believed that a customer is being deliberately misled, the account will be blocked. Our customers can, at any time, inform the company on any problems or suspected abuses via the feedback function – at Solartraders.com, we pride ourselves on our quick reaction times.