Registration for renewable energy companies on is free. After successfull validation of your registration information you will receive an e-mail from us. From that point on you can use
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Registration and usage of Solartraders is free of charge for buyers. Vendors however pay a trading fee, do you plan to sell on, than feel free to contact us.
Log in on My overview. Go to Contact data to change your data. Otherwise, you can also contact us and we change your data for you.
Unfortunately no, you need to have a registered business which is clearly associated with renewable energies in order to get your account approved on
We are really sorry, but in this case we ask you to contact your local installers.
All active and running offers are listet on the platform. Unregistered customers can search the marketplace and see product descriptions and availabilities but you must be a registered and validated solar company in order to see the prices. We offer you extensive search options to find the right offer, so you can find easily and quickly what you are looking for.
On the sell-side we have manufacturers who sell their stock directly to the customer as well as distributor who are reselling and installers who are selling their remainders at sometimes heavily discounted prices. We usually list a couple of hundreds of offers and those offers are regularly updated by the vendors. So to 95% the offers you see on the marketplace are tradable. Your advantage using is that you will always have a pretty good understanding of the market, availabilities and prices, thus you can easily compare offers, save time and money. Our goal is it to facilitate your purchase process and helping you to find the best offers as quickly as possible.
If you found an offer you would like to get more info about or purchase:
  • Use the button
  • Specify amount, delivery date and select your delivery address.
  • Communicate and negotiate on open points directly with the vendor of the stock. You can use the button
  • Use the button to execute a binding purchase.
Yes your order is binding as soon as you use the button and the order got approved by the vendor. So please make sure to discuss any open points prior to closing the deal and make sure that the project is fully financed.
If the status of your request is we reserve our right to ask for a cancelation fee of 2.5% of the net value of the order. To cancel a closed deal get in contact with solartraders ( and send the vendor a message via the system . Help us to avoid unnecessary cancelation fees and make sure that your project is correctly set up. If the status is not it is simpel to cancel an order, simply press and the status of your order will automatically change. Note that this action is only possible if the vendor has not agreed yet.
Sorry, in this case we can not really help you. You can send us ( your specific request incl. product type, product name and required quantity and we will try to put you in contact with resellers and installers, but we can not promise.
You can access all tools via the marketplace. In order to sell products via you must be a verified solar company. To offer and place a product click Add and choose the category. Fill out the form, review the submitted data and press save. Congratulations, you just published a product on our marketplace.
You can submit your offers with volume discounts. You have the option to set a max. of 3 different price ranges. Adding a price range is easy. Use the right handle of the slider displaying the volume and drag it to the desired volume to the left. Add your price in the box and click the "add-icon" next to it to add an additional volume and price range. You can add a maximum of 3 different price ranges, our system will automatically add our trading fee to your sales price. When you enter the price for panels you should enter it in EUR and in the format 0,000 (e.g. 0,545). Prices for panels are displayed in EUR/W and for inverters in EUR/pcs. The correct format for inverters is 0000,00 (e.g. 2345,45).

Manufacturer of the product you want to sell.
Name of the product you want to sell (please make sure to get this right).
Use the button product missing if your product is not listed. We will than add the product to our data base and inform you.

If the product you want to sell was not produced in the same or previous year, please uncheck the checkbox and give all the required information on the product. This will decrease the amount of unnecessary questions.

Total number of available pcs.

The min. order quantity you want in order to fulfill an order.

1,2 or 3 volume based prices (for panels).

The time your offer is public for registered customers (standard is 4 weeks). You can always deactivate, edit or delete your offer in between.

If your products are in stock, you do not need to change anything, if your products are not in stock yet, you should add the expected arrival date.

Advance payment and Escrow service are the standard payments and we strongly advise you to offer both these options to substantially increase your success. If you want to know more about the escrow check the information here.

Add all necessary and sales relevant information here. Do not enter any personal contact information

You can edit you offers by clicking on the marketplace. Here you can find the button administrate with the two product groups panels and inverters.

Choose the category and you will get an overview of all your running and expired or deactivated offers. Note, that we do not publish any offers which are expired or deactivated on the marketplace. You will not find any offers in the table which you previously deleted.

Offer is online and can be purchased by customers.

Offer is currently not listed on the marketplace and not visible.

You can also change and edit your offers here. If you want to delete, prolong or set offers inactive you can select the corresponding offers via the checkbox and choose the action from the drop down button above the table on the right and perform a bulk action.

You will automatically get an e-mail as soon a a customer requests one of your products. The status of your request is now . You can directly access the request via the link provided in the e-mail (e.g. POT 8234). Alternatively, go to the marketplace and click the button Transactions . Chose "sell" and click the request you want to edit or respond to. Now you can use the button "meesage" to write your customer. Tip: be a proactive sales person!
If you opened the request you can use the button Message to send a message to your client. As long as the status of the deal is not we ask you to not publish any personal contact information. Please also abstain from publishing any personal or company names. This could result in a permanent deactivation of your account.
If your customers decides to purchase your products he will press confirm the deal. You will automatically be informed and now it is up to you to confirm the transaction. The status of the transaction changes from to . You confirm the deal with the button Sell . All relevant contact informations are revealed and the contract becomes binding for both parties. Now, it is time to issue and upload the invoice.
Create your invoice and upload it via Upload . Your customer will automatically be informed that you uploaded an invoice and pay accordingly. You can also use this feature to upload other documents such as flash lists, delivery slips or commercial invoices. Your customer will automatically be informed via e-mail.
You also have the option to decline a sale or close an open request. Simply press deny .