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LX-290M/156-60+ Eco Line (FS35) (4BB) Full Black


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78 Panels ( 22,6 kW )

20 Panels ( 5,8 kW )


on stock

De Germany

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( 55 )


6 years

2 days

Product characteristics:

Payment terms:

Product details: "LX-290M/156-60+ Eco Line (FS35) (4BB) Full Black"


Technical data


290,0 W


Manufacturer Warranty

15 years

25 years on 85.0% of nominal power


Common data

CE IEC 61215 - Design Qualification and Type Approval IEC 61730 - Safety Qualification


1.640 mm

992 mm

35 mm


Data Sheet



Eco Line Full Black is the aesthete among the Luxor solar modules. The high quality look and the homogeneous appearance increase the attractiveness of buildings. The module offers better visual integration without compromising on quality. Eco in this case means especially economical. High quality solar cell with highest efficiency at the best possible low light behaviour ensure the best energy output. And this at plus tolerances of 0 Wp to 6.49 Wp.

Further high-end components: An especially durable plug-in connection guarantees the best power contact under all conditions, and the hollow-section frame made of anodized aluminium and compatible with every assembly system, is torsionally stiff and corrosion-free. Manufactured according to German standards and each Luxor solar module is marked by a special level of durability and reliability.


We at Luxor are fascinated by the sun’s magic. Even a few rays of the sun are enough to make us humans happy. But the sun also gives us energy in another way – and in a nearly inexhaustible manner. In order to convert its light into electricity, we have been developing branded solar modules in the best German engineering quality since 2004. What is near and dear to us, and to the founder of the company – Volker Leh, is durability, reliability and strict standards. These also apply for our licensed partner productions in Europe and Asia, which sustainably produce Luxor modules. And with great success. The Eco Line 60 and the Eco Line 72 are used with great reliability everywhere in the international solar markets. On private houses, commercial buildings, barns, stables and in open-field facilities. With the experience of an installed power of about 300 MWp and own representations in Shanghai and Tokyo, we are working on the energy concepts of tomorrow. For one thing is certain: The sun will shine for the next 5 billion years.
We want to participate in shaping the future


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