Solar panel from Sunpower  Sunpower SPR-X22-361 360W Mono


by Sunpower

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Sunpower SPR-X22-361
Nominal power: 360 W
Celltype: Mono
Number of cells: n/a
Module efficiency: 22,09 %
Power Tolerance: n/a
System Voltage: n/a
Incl. optimizer: n/a
Length: 1.558 mm
Width: 1.046 mm
Frame thickness: 46 mm
Frame color: black/white
Weight: n/a
Snow load: n/a
Wind load: n/a
Pieces per pallet: n/a
Manufacturer warranty
Product warranty: n/a
Power warranty: n/a
IEC 61215 - Design Qualification and Type Approval
UL 1703
IEC 61730 - Safety Qualification


Your Ideal Energy Partner For 30 years, SunPower has led the way with record-setting technologies and innovative solar solutions, and our cutting-edge approach to sustainability is renowned for its positive impact on the environment and our communities. No other solar company offers such a complete package. Innovative Solutions Our world-record setting solar panel technology is only the beginning. SunPower innovates relentlessly to deliver the most advanced products and solutions, custom financing options and progressive sustainability practices. And our fully-integrated approach to systems, storage and software is fundamentally changing the future of energy. Leading Sustainability We are driven to make a positive impact in all we do. SunPower leads the way in sustainability, garnering the only Cradle to Cradle® designation in the entire solar industry. And every day, we empower communities through solar education programs and provide clean, affordable energy to those in need. Proven Experience Our rich, 30-year history of innovation, integration and policy leadership sets SunPower apart as a trusted partner. While other solar companies are trying to catch up, our time-tested approach provides outstanding customer experiences, keeping you well ahead of the energy curve for the next 30 years- and beyond. Long-Term Value From the moment it's switched on, a SunPower system generates more energy than conventional panels, and keeps providing value when other brands fade. Our panels are backed by the best 25-year Power and Product Warranty anywhere. And our custom financing options let you choose a plan that works perfectly for your home or business. SunPower is the intelligent energy investment. Value.
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Pieces: 1 Piece
Menge: 0,36 - 0,36 KW
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Product description

More than 22% Efficiency Ideal for roofs where space is at a premium or where future expansion might be needed. Maximum Performance Designed to deliver the most energy in demanding real-world conditions, in partial shade and hot rooftop temperatures. Premier Technology Engineered with the newest and most powerful Maxeon technology, X-Series brings unmatched power and performance to your home. Engineered for Peace of Mind Designed to deliver consistent, trouble-free energy over a very long lifetime. Designed for Durability The SunPower Maxeon Solar Cell is the only cell built on a solid copper foundation. Virtually impervious to the corrosion and cracking that degrade conventional panels. Same excellent durability as E-Series panels. #1 Rank in Fraunhofer durability test. 100% power maintained in Atlas 25+ comprehensive durability test.


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