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LG Energy Solution - Storage Systems 

LG Energy Solution is a leading global technology company and subsidiary of the LG Group, specializing in providing high quality and durable energy storage solutions, in addition to producing hybrid inverters. Its high-efficiency battery storage systems are ideal for a range of different installation scenarios with varying requirements. Headquartered in Seoul, the company has built a strong global presence that has also expanded to Europe, giving LG Energy Solution offices and manufacturing facilities throughout the region. 
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Social responsibility and financial security

LG Energy Solution was awarded first place in China's 2022 Corporate Social Ranking (CSR) in the Blue Book of Corporate Social Responsibility, China's most influential CSR indicator, awarded annually by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. This is the company's proven commitment to social sustainability and environmental friendliness. As a subsidiary of LG Group, the manufacturer is also highly bankable, so investing in LG Energy Solution products is highly secure.