FoxEss - vertical global player 

FoxEss is a leading provider of energy storage solutions and inverters headquartered in Taiwan. The company has a strong presence in Asia and has expanded operations to Europe, where it has established a network of distributors and partners. The company's products are characterized by the highest safety standards, which can be easily monitored through the vertical production chain, the most advanced technologies and a wide range of applications. They are also characterized by their high quality and durability. 
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Advantages through parent company 

As a member of the Tsingshan Group, FoxEss has access to its own steel production facilities and nickel mines. Ranked 238th on the Fortune Global 500 list of the world's largest companies and with revenues of $50.8 billion in 2021, the company offers great financial security for investments. Overall, FoxEss is a company that stands out for its vertical production chains, quality, durability, progress and financial strength. 

Frequently asked questions

  • How long is the warranty on Fox ESS products?
    Batteries and AIO systems come with a standard 5-year warranty, while inverters come with a 10-year warranty period.
  • Is the production of Fox Ess products sustainable?
    The company's own production facility has an integrated PV power plant, which, with its capacity of 1.31 MWh, reduces carbon emissions by more than 1,000 tons per year. 
  • What is the price range of Fox Ess products?
    The products serve different price ranges. The S-series is the cheapest and is one of the less expensive inverters. The T-Series, for example, is significantly more expensive. Thus, Fox ESS offers products for different price ranges and every occasion. 
  • Which product series does Fox ESS offer?
    The S-Series: single-phase, single-MPPT inverter from 700W to 3kW. Small and compact, efficiency between 97.2% and 97.4%. 

    The F-Series: single-phase, dual-MPPT inverter up to 6kW. The efficiency is 97.4%. 

    The T-Series: three-phase inverters, yielding between 3 and 25kW. The efficiency is 98.6%. 

    The H/AC-Series (1st generation): single-phase hybrid/AC inverter, rated between 3 and 6kW. The efficiency is 97.8% and the (un)charging efficiency is (97%), or 98.5%.

    The H/AC series (3rd generation): three-phase hybrid/AC inverter with a nominal power of 5 - 12kW depending on the selected model. With an efficiency of 97.2% - 97.3% and a (discharge) charging efficiency of (97%), or 98.5%. 

    The AIO-Series: single or three-phase all-in-one storage system, which has a storage capacity between 3 and 10kW. The (discharge) charging efficiency is 97%.

    The ECS-Series: battery storage system in which up to 7 battery modules can be connected in series, enabling a maximum storage capacity of 20.16 kWh. The (discharge) depth of charge is 90%. 
  • What is the quality of Fox ESS products?
    By accessing the vertical production chain of Tsingshan Holding Group, Fox ESS is able to independently carry out every single production step required to manufacture a product. This ensures high quality at every step of the process, so that the final product is of convincing quality. 
  • Where does Fox produce and develop ESS?
    The heart of the Chinese company is the research and development center in Wuxi, where hundreds of engineering and technical employees are constantly working to perfect the products. The global headquarters of Fox ESS is located in Whenzou, China. 
  • What does Fox ESS specialize in?
    The company specializes in the development and research of new (hybrid and PV) inverters (single and three-phase) and energy storage solutions, as well as wallboxes. The three state-of-the-art R&D centers, staffed by leading personnel with outstanding expertise in their field, provide the necessary infrastructure so that employees can realize their full potential. 
  • Who is Fox ESS?
    Fox ESS is a Chinese global player founded in 2019 and a subsidiary of Tsingshan Holding Group, which has been offering its products to the photovoltaic market worldwide since April 2020. Fox ESS benefits from Tsingshan, the world's largest nickel miner as well as stainless steel producer and among the 500 largest companies worldwide, as a partner with its vertical production chains. Specializing in inverters and energy storage, the company also produces accessories for PV systems and e-mobility. Fox Ess aims to develop the most advanced, powerful and reliable.