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Solis is a leading manufacturer with many years of experience in producing high quality inverters for commercial and industrial applications. Ginlong (Solis) Technology was founded in 2005 and today has a wide range of inverters and hybrid inverters designed specifically for the European market. Solis inverters meet the most stringent European safety and performance standards, such as EN 62109-1 and EN 61000-6-1/2 and are certified by the main European certification bodies, TÜV Rheinland and VDE.
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Fast track to a sustainable future

The company is continuously working on new innovations and optimizing existing products to meet the needs of its customers. Solis has been able to secure the support of leading global financial institutions due to its proven financial viability, ensuring long-term returns on investment. The goal of a sustainable future can thus be advanced even faster through collaboration with stakeholders. 

Frequently asked questions

  • How innovative are Solis Solar products?
    Solis takes a highly innovative approach to product development. Thanks to a precise MPPT algorithm, it becomes possible to achieve a maximum conversion efficiency of up to 99.1%. In addition, Solis is setting a new industry standard by incorporating the AFCI-DC arc protection feature into the inverters, which provides up to 99% protection against fire hazards. These and other technical advancements have significantly improved the market and show that Solis is moving the industry forward with innovative solutions.
  • Is Solis internationally positioned?
    Solis has a strong international presence with global offices and technical support centers in several countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, India, Mexico, Spain, the Netherlands, Romania and more. Solis products have been used in numerous major cities and projects worldwide, such as the Shanghai Expo and the Eiffel Tower in Paris, as well as numerous other residential and commercial projects.
  • How successful is Solis?
    Ginlong Solis has achieved remarkable success. In June 2022, Solis was ranked as the third largest supplier of solar inverters for 2021, according to IHS Markit, a globally recognized research firm that is part of S&P Global. The company is also ranked No. 2 in the global single-phase string inverter market and No. 4 in the global three-phase string inverter market, based on shipments in megawatts.
  • When was Solis founded?
    Ginlong Solis, a leading manufacturer of solar inverters, was founded in 2005 in Ningbo, one of China's oldest cities in Zhejiang province, and is now one of the most established and well-known players in the industry.
  • What products is Solis known for?
    Primarily known for high-quality solar inverters, Ginlong Solis' product line includes a variety of string inverters, hybrid inverters, and central inverters ranging from 0.7 kW to 255 kW. Ginlong Solis also offers a range of monitoring and control solutions for PV systems, including mobile apps, web portals and data loggers.