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Frequently asked questions

  • When was LG Energy Solution founded?
    The company was founded in 2020. However, LG Group has been involved in battery research since 1992 and in the chemical industry since its founding in 1947, making it one of the largest players in the industry.
  • How long are the company's guarantees?
    All products come with a standard 10-year warranty.
  • What makes LG Energy Solution stand out?
    LG Energy Solutions is characterized by a high degree of sustainability. For example, the company plans to operate all its sites worldwide exclusively with renewable energy by 2030. In addition, the company can extend the service life of batteries through the most advanced manufacturing processes, such as the "Lamination and Stacking" process. Selected materials and the patented SRS technology ensure the highest safety standards. 
  • Where does the company produce?
    LG Energy Solution has production facilities in Poland, China, South Korea and the USA. 
  • Where does LG Energy Solution have its locations?
    LG Energy Solution Europe GmbH is headquartered in Sulzbach, Germany, with global headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. 
  • What products does LG Energy Solution specialize in?
    The company specializes in providing high quality and durable battery storage systems and also manufactures hybrid inverters.