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LONGi - The affordable top performer 

LONGi Solar's modules are designed to grant exceptional efficiency and reliability even in harsh weather conditions, while offering good value for money. Certified by Bloomberg as a Tier 1 manufacturer, the company offers a range of monocrystalline mono and bifacial modules suitable for a variety of applications, including solar installations for businesses and utilities. Rated from 370 to 550 watts, LONGi Solar's modules are among the most efficient in the industry. In addition to high-performance modules, LONGi Solar invests in continuous development and research, making the company a leading supplier in the global PV market, including the European market.
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The future prospects of LONGi

The company was founded in China in 2000 and has since established a strong global presence in over 150 countries, with offices in Europe and facilities throughout the region. The manufacturer is also committed to supporting the UN in its climate change goals, thereby promoting a more sustainable future. The company's future prospects look very bright, thanks in no small part to several awards for financial viability, 1st place in the China PV Industry Ranking and 7th place in the China Energy & Chemical Manufacturing Ranking. With a brand value of nearly 53 billion euros, LONGi Solar is one of the most bankable manufacturers in the PV industry. 

Frequently asked questions

  • When was LONGi founded?
    LONGI GREEN ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO was established in 2000 with the aim of building the world's most valuable solar energy company.
  • What are the supply balances of LONGi Solar?
    In 2020, LONGi reached a significant milestone in the industry, shipping solar modules with a total capacity of 24 GW worldwide. This was the first time a solar company shipped more than 20 GW in a single year and solidified LONGi's position as an industry leader.
  • How does Longi Solar ensure the quality of its modules?
    The company's highly automated production lines, as well as strict selection procedures for module materials and reliability tests for new materials, guarantee the highest quality of modules. In addition, the quality of LONGi's modules has been recognized by the independent organizations RETC and PVEL, which have awarded the company excellent ratings.
  • What is LONGi Solar's place in the Global 2000 ranking?
    Forbes Magazine released its Global 2000 list for 2022 on May 12, which showed that LONGi significantly surpassed last year's performance. The company's development strategy helped it move up 115 places from the previous year and now ranks 724 on the list.
  • Where are LONGi Solar's production facilities located?
    LONGi's production facilities and sales offices are located in over 150 countries and regions worldwide. The company has production facilities in China, Vietnam and Malaysia, as well as sales offices in many different countries, including the USA, Japan, Germany, India, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.
  • How many employees does LONGi have?
    According to the 2021 data, Longi Solar has more than 49967 employees worldwide.
  • What guarantees do Hi-Mo 5 modules have?
    The Hi-Mo 5 modules are covered by a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty on 84.8% of the modules' rated power.
  • What products is LONGi Solar known for?
    LONGi Solar specializes in the production of high quality monocrystalline solar modules with PERC and half-cell technology, which are available in both mono and bifacial versions. The company's products are efficient, durable, reliable.
  • What are the features of LONGi Solar modules?
    LONGi solar modules are known for their reliable, high-quality and high-performance technical innovations. The company's PERC solar cells use additional passive coatings and laser engraving to improve cell efficiency. In 2016, Longi launched the Mono-PERC modules, which use integrated PERC technology on monocrystalline silicon and have low light-induced degradation. This resulted in an increase in cell efficiency from 21% to 24.06%.
  • Is LONGi Solar a Tier-1 manufacturer?
    LONGi Solar is listed as a Tier-1 manufacturer, number 5 among the top solar manufacturers worldwide and and number 1 in BloombergNEF's Financial Health Index.
  • How reliable are LONGi Solar products?
    LONGi Solar offers a 10-year product warranty and 25-year performance warranty on solar modules to provide customers with long-term peace of mind. In addition, LONGi Solar has received numerous awards for its high-quality products in DNV GL and PVEL tests, including recognition as a TOP PERFORMER in 2018, 2019, and 2020. In 2021, LONGi was recognized in four out of five possible categories, highlighting its consistent commitment to manufacturing high-quality solar modules. 
  • How profitable is an investment in LONGi Solar products?
    LONGi in the first half of 2022, a steady increase in operating revenue to nearly 6.6 billion euros, representing year-on-year growth of 43.64%. During the same period, LONGi Solar shipped 39.62 GW of monocrystalline silicon wafers, of which 20.15 GW were sold externally and 19.47 GW were used internally. As a result, the company represents a profitable investment opportunity.