Use of light on both sides for maximum energy production

Bifacial modules have the property of being able to use not only the direct irradiation on the front side, but also, through a transparent film or glass, indirect light on the back side for energy production. This makes the glass-glass modules more efficient overall than monofacial ones. When installing such modules, some factors such as albedo and distance to the ground should be considered. Under perfect conditions, additional yields of up to 25% can be achieved. In addition, bifacial modules also use half-cell technology to ensure maximum energy production. The modules come in a variety of styles, from silver frame with white backsheet, to black frame with white backsheet, or full black modules that have black frame and backsheet. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it at low prices in our marketplace. We can guarantee them because we cooperate with the leading distributors in Europe. That is why we offer all leading manufacturers of bifacial modules, such as Luxor, Jinko, Trina, LONGi or Meyer Burger with power up to 660 kW.

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