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JA Solar - Very good price-performance ratio

JA Solar is a leading, Bloomberg-certified Tier 1 manufacturer of high-performance solar modules, with a proven track record in quality and reliability and long experience in the solar industry. The manufacturer specializes in producing solar modules with the most advanced technology, making them one of the most efficient, durable and reliable options on the market. Modules of the company are available with different nominal power from 325 to 545 watts to meet the individual requirements of a photovoltaic project. 
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Broad expansion in Europe

JA Solar has implemented comprehensive environmental management systems and received numerous certifications in recent years. The company has also expanded its presence, particularly in Europe, such that it has now partnered with manufacturers in the UK, Germany, Italy and other European countries to provide local support and distribution channels. Overall, JA Solar's solar modules are known for their high efficiency, durability and reliability, making them a popular choice for installers around the world. A look to the future promises continued positive prospects for JA Solar. 

Frequently asked questions

  • Where does JA Solar have production?
    JA Solar is headquartered in Beijing, with production now expanded to Malaysia. With a total of eleven production facilities and 27 subsidiaries, JA Solar's products are available in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.
  • When was JA Solar founded?
    The Chinese manufacturer JA Solar was founded in 2005. JA Solar focuses on the production of wafers, PV cells and modules, and photovoltaic power plants.
  • Is JA Solar a Tier 1 manufacturer?
    JA Solar is one of the largest solar module manufacturers in the world and has been listed as a Tier-1 company by BloombergNEF.
  • Which modules does JA Solar offer?
    JA Solar offers bifacial monocrystalline PERC glass-glass modules and monofacial, -crystalline standard modules.
  • What guarantees do JA Solar modules have?
    JA Solar's double glass modules include a 30-year performance guarantee, while the monofacial modules guarantee 25 years of performance. All JA Solar modules have a product warranty of 12 years.
  • How many employees does JA Solar have?
    The company has over 25,000 employees and records more than 33,000 global users.
  • What products does JA Solar offer?
    JA Solar is a company known for high performance photovoltaic products. In particular, the company specializes in the manufacture of PV cells/modules and wafers. The products are reliable, efficient and cost-effective, making them a popular choice for commercial and industrial solar installations around the world.
  • Is JA Solar a trusted partner for your solar installations?
    The manufacturer offers a 12-year product warranty and 25-year performance warranty on 84.8% of the rated power of its solar modules to provide its customers with sufficient assurances. In addition, Ja Solar has received numerous awards for its high-quality products. Among them, JA Solar has been recognized as a "Top Performer" on the DNV GL/PVEL 2019 PV Module Reliability Scorecard four times.