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Founded in 2010, Growatt is a leading Chinese manufacturer of inverters and battery storage systems that excels in reliability and performance. With over a decade of experience in the solar industry, Growatt has established itself as a trusted brand in the market and is one of the leading inverter suppliers in the world. The company has a strong market presence in Europe, with a growing customer base and network of distributors and installers, using the most advanced technologies. 
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Sustainable safety for all

All Growatt products are certified to European standards for safety, performance and grid compliance by TÜV Rheinland. These certifications include CE, VDE and G83/G59, among others. With its very affordable products, the manufacturer aims to build the world's largest smart, sustainable energy ecosystem for humanity, giving everyone the opportunity to benefit from sustainable energy. 

Frequently asked questions

  • How many employees does Growatt have?
    In 2017, Growatt employed more than 1,200 employees, plus over 500 research and development engineers.
  • When was Growatt founded?
    Founded in May 2010, Growatt is a Chinese company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, and is now one of the largest inverter manufacturers in the world. 
  • What makes Growatt stand out?
    Growatt offers a diverse range of inverters from 1kW to 2.52MW. These inverters can be integrated with energy storage solutions for on-grid and off-grid systems and are compatible with the "Smart Home" battery storage system. In addition, the company has earned recognition through rapid expansion, gaining widespread recognition as a manufacturer of smart inverters only 18 months after its establishment.
  • How trustworthy is Growatt?
    Growatt is a reputable company that has achieved remarkable success in China and abroad and has been honored with numerous awards and recognitions. These include being honored as the "National High-tech Enterprise and Famous Brand of Guangdong Province" by the Chinese government, as well as various other titles and medals such as "Top 10 Best Selling Inverters", "China's Most Compatible Inverter Company", "The Most Unique Solar Inverter", "The Best Inverter Brand in China" and "The Most Influential Energy Storage Company".
  • Is Growatt a trustworthy partner for inverters?
    Growatt is considered a trusted partner for inverters, always focusing on quality and reliability. The company has been in business for over a decade, so it now has a worldwide network of distributors and service centers, and also offers comprehensive warranties and after-sales services.
  • What awards did Growatt receive?
    Growatt has received several awards and recognitions in the solar energy industry for innovative and high quality solar energy solutions. For example, Growatt was named one of the "Global Top 10 PV Inverter Brands" by IHS Markit, ranked as one of the "Top 3 Solar Inverter Brands" by Wood Mackenzie, and received the Intersolar Award for its MIN 2500-6000TL-XH inverter. Growatt 2021 also received the Top Brand PV Seal for Australia, which recognizes companies for their excellent reputation and customer satisfaction in the solar market.
  • How efficient are Growatt inverters?
    Growatt inverters are designed to provide reliable and efficient performance in a variety of environments. They feature transformerless cooling technology and natural convection cooling that ensures the inverter is protected from overheating and other temperature-related issues. With an IP rating of 65, the inverter is also protected against dust and water ingress. This high level of protection ensures that the inverter can operate effectively in harsh environments. The inverter can also operate at altitudes of up to 4,000 meters and withstand humidity levels of up to 100%, making it the ideal choice for customers who need a durable and reliable component for their photovoltaic project.
  • What sets Growatt inverters apart from products from other suppliers?
    Growatt inverters offer several advantages over comparable products from other suppliers. One of the main advantages is that they are often less expensive for the same power output. Growatt offers a range of single-phase inverters up to 10 kW and three-phase inverters up to 100 kW, making them suitable for both small installations and large-scale projects. They are also versatile, supporting grid-tied and off-grid applications as well as smart energy management systems, for example. With a focus on affordability, versatility and ease of use, Growatt inverters are an excellent choice for customers looking for reliable and efficient solar energy solutions.
  • What guarantees do Growatt inverters have?
    Growatt offers excellent product warranties for the inverters. The duration of the warranty varies depending on the model and ranges from 5 to 10 years. The warranty covers all defects in materials and workmanship and ensures that customers can rely on the inverters for many years.
  • What products does Growatt offer?
    Growatt is a company that specializes in manufacturing and supplying solar energy solutions and products. The company is known for manufacturing high-quality solar inverters, energy storage systems, monitoring systems, and EV chargers. The products are designed to provide reliable, efficient and cost-effective solutions for residential, commercial and industrial customers.
  • Has Growatt established an international presence?
    Growatt is a globally recognized company with over 20 certifications from different parts of the world. Its products are widely sold in more than 150 countries in Australia, Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. Growatt is one of the largest and most reputable inverter manufacturers in China, whose products are widely used in commercial and industrial photovoltaic projects.