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Risen - Aesthetics and quality combined

Risen Energy Co, Ltd. is a leading Bloomberg certified Tier 1 solar module manufacturer based in China. Since its establishment in 1986, Risen has become one of the largest solar companies in the world, with 50 countries and regions in Europe, Asia and the Americas distributing its products. Aesthetics also played a key role in the development of Risen's solar modules. The slim black frames and flat profile blend seamlessly into most roofs. 
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Safety and environmental protection

In 2021, Risen has received two awards as "Pioneer in Heterojunction Cell Industry" and "Best Heterojunction Cell Module Supplier". In addition, Risen Energy's products have received various international certifications, such as TUV, CE, GS, and ROH. In addition, they have demonstrated their commitment to environmental protection, by implementing the ISO14001 environmental management system and the ISO9001 quality management system, which positions them as a leader in the industry.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the valid guarantees on Risen module?
    Risen modules are covered by a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty on 84.8% of the modules' rated power. 
  • Is Risen Energy a Tier 1 manufacturer?
    Risen Energy is a Tier 1 manufacturer of high-performance photovoltaic products and a premier provider of total power generation solutions with global reach. The company has a "AAA" rating and is recognized as a leader in the industry.
  • When was Risen Energy founded?
    Risen Energy was founded in 1986. Today, Risen Energy is a leading renewable energy company driving global energy innovation and providing sustainable solutions and integrated services worldwide.
  • What products does Risen offer?
    The Chinese company is primarily known for manufacturing and selling solar modules and systems for various applications. Risen's product portfolio includes monocrystalline mono and bifacial half cell modules with PERC technology.
  • How trustworthy are Risen Solar's products?
    Risen Energy's products have received several international certifications, including TüV, CE, GS and ROHS. The company also holds a leading position in ISO14001 certification for environmental management system, ISO9001 for quality management system and ISO4001 for occupational health and safety management system.
  • Is Risen internationally positioned?
    Risen Energy is an international company with offices and distribution networks in various countries, including China, Germany, Australia, Mexico, India, Japan and the United States. With worldwide sales of €16.5 billion, the company is looking to further expand its global reach.
  • How many employees does the company have?
    Risen Energy employs more than 10,000 people worldwide and serves a customer base about the same size. Products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions worldwide, including Europe, America, South Africa and Asia.