The individual components of your solar system can be expanded with accessories to maximize their efficiency. The accessories we offer serve various purposes, such as power optimization, power monitoring or the installation of a communication interface in the form of a WLAN antenna. Whether it is an energy meter, power sensor, adapter, surge protector, wallbox or optimizer - on Solartraders you will find all these products from the leading manufacturers, such as SolarEdge, SMA, Enphase, Fronius, Tigo or Huawei. They also get the goods delivered directly from Europe's largest distributors.

The products on our marketplace you get at low prices, which we can guarantee by Europe's largest product portfolio within the solar industry. Of course, you will receive only high quality goods. In addition, we offer filters for easy search, with the help of which you will be shown only the results that are relevant to you. Search queries can be saved. Registration on our marketplace is free of charge and risk-free for you, the only requirement is that you are active in the PV industry.