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Performance data

Power 2,6 KW
Power max. 3,8 KW
Current 13,0 A
Current Max. 13,0 A
Voltage 350,0 V
Voltage Max. 450,0 V
String Inputs 1
Power 2,5 KW
Power max. 2,5 KW
Current 10,9 A
Current Max. 14,0 A


length 222 mm
width 399 mm
Height 657 mm
weight 13 kg

Manufacturer warranty

Product warranty 2 years


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Single-phase inverter with 2.5 kW nominal output power. 2 years warranty. 

Grid connection: 1N~, 230V, 50 Hz 
Rated frequency (fr): 50-60 Hz 
Min./max. grid frequency (fmin/fmax): 45...65 Hz 
Setting range of the power factor (cos φAC.r): 0.8…1…0.8 
Power factor for rated power (cos φAC.r): 1 
Max. THD: 3 % 
Standby/standby incl. 24h home-consumption measurement: <3.0/<20.0 W 
Protection class according to IEC 60529: IP 65 
Ambient temperature: -25…60 °C 
Max. installation altitude above sea level: 2000 m 
Relative humidity: 4…100%



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