Solar panel from LONGi Solar LR5-54HIBD-405M (BFR) 405W Mono

LR5-54HIBD-405M (BFR)

LONGi Solar

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Performance data

Nominal Power 405 W
Cell type Mono
Number of cells 108
Cell Format n/a
Module efficiency
20,74 %
Power tolerance Power Tolerance Value
Temp. Coeff. of P(max) -0,34 %/°C
System voltage 1500 V
Optimizer incl. no


Pieces per pallet 36
Pieces per 40 936


Length 1722 mm
Width 1134 mm
Frame 30 mm
Weight 22.5 kg

Other features

Frame/Backsheet black/white
Cable length + / - 1200 mm / 1200 mm
Connector Type Stäubli MC4
Snow load 5.400 Pa
Wind load 2.400 Pa

Manufacturer warranty

Product warranty 12 years
Warranty 30 years on 84% of nominal power


IEC 61215 - Design Qualification and Type Approval
IEC 61730 - Safety Qualification
IEC TS 62941
ISO 14001
ISO 45001
ISO 9001
UL 61730
LR5-54HIBD-390-415M DS EN.pdf Data Sheet English Download icon
manual1.pdf Manual English Download icon
Longi WA EN.pdf Guarantee English Download icon
Introducing the LR5-54HIBD-405M Solar Module by LONGi, a cutting-edge solution designed for distributed solar projects. This module combines advanced technology and superior efficiency to deliver exceptional performance and long-lasting reliability.
The LR5-54HIBD-405M utilizes state-of-the-art module technology, resulting in impressive module efficiency. Its M10-Gallium doped wafer enhances light absorption, maximizing energy production even under challenging conditions. The integration of Segment Ribbons and 9-busbar Half-Cut Cell design further improves current collection and reduces power loss, ensuring optimal power output.

What sets the LR5-54HIBD-405M apart is its globally validated bifacial energy yield. This module is engineered to harness energy from both sides, capturing sunlight reflected from the ground or surrounding surfaces. This innovative feature increases overall energy generation, making it an excellent choice for locations with high albedo or diffused light conditions.
LONGi is committed to delivering high-quality modules, and the LR5-54HIBD-405M is no exception. Rigorous quality control measures are implemented throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the module's long-term reliability. You can have confidence in the LR5-54HIBD-405M's performance and durability, knowing that it has undergone extensive testing and validation.

The LR5-54HIBD-405M is suitable for a wide range of distributed solar projects, making it a versatile choice for various applications. Whether it's a residential installation, commercial building, or community solar project, this module is designed to meet the diverse needs of distributed solar systems.
With its exceptional efficiency, advanced technology, and global validation, the LR5-54HIBD-405M Solar Module by LONGi is the ideal solution for those seeking superior performance and long-term reliability. Experience the benefits of high-quality solar modules and unlock the full potential of your solar project.

LONGi Solar

LONGi Solar took the lead in the solar PV industry utilizing breakthrough monocrystalline technologies that the company promoted as the future of solar energy technology.

LONGi is recognized as the world's most valuable solar technology company with the highest market value. Its core values are innovation and sustainable development. They focus on achieving long-term reliability for their modules, highest efficiency ratings each year, and desire to build a strong sense of value for their customers' investment.

LONGi won the "TOP PERFORMER" Award for three consecutive years, which confirms the high efficiency, high reliability, and high yield of their monocrystalline modules, and serves as an endorsement of the advanced technology, equipment, product testing, and R&D capabilities of the company.

LONGi received a 100% bankability rating by BloombergNEF in a rating published in October 2021. Based on its performance, stable financial operations and positive reputation in the industry, LONGi ranked top out of 52 companies in the survey for the second consecutive year.


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